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I do love..so I Pinned:)


Just made this for dinner and OMG it was delicious! I will be making this again

All those sun dried tomatoes are calling my name!!!! This looks so delicious, Julia!

Love sun-dried tomatoes!

oooh julia this sounds incredible! i will have to try it soon!

Yes, it was delicious!

I thought it would have tasted differently than it did. It had plenty of zing – I actually liked it – however it was a different taste – I believe this sort of food falls into the “acquired taste” category. The family didn’t like it. It was pretty expensive to make, so it was nice to try. Thank you for the recipe.

Not sure whats so expensive in this recipe. The chicken and mozzarella would be the most costly of ingredients but nowhere close to what I would consider “expensive” and I use food stamps lol

The jar of sun dried tomatoes cost almost 6 bucks at my store, and it was the cheapest jar. So that would probably be what she is talking about. I know I cringed a bit to buy the jar but thought it would be worth it to try. WHen you are cooking on a budget a 6 dollar element can feel pricey (when it isn’t even the protein) but hey, no one is forcing anyone to do this recipe so if it is too costly-don’t do it! lol


Dollar Tree and Biglots usually carry sundried tomatoes . No need to pay more. You can substitute boneless thighs.. taste the sauce before you add the pasta.. a quick fix for crappy alfredo sauce or a cheesy white sauce is to add part of a jar of spaghetti sauce .. to make a pink sauce….

It really is not that expensive as these should be things you should have in your pantry. Besides the sun-dried tomatoes of course. I don’t like them, so I just used a small can of fire roasted tomatoes that I got at Aldi for about a dollar. Works the same and I prefer the taste. It’s a very subtle cheese flavor. The key is how your season it. It’s definitely something I will be making again as my fiance, who is wary of all things cream sauce, loved it!

Use canned fire roasted tomatoes & frozen thawed chicken if needed. I “splurge” and buy fresh chicken when I know the chicken isn’t going into an enchilada or shredded in any other way though. My family won’t eat it unless it’s good and juicy.

Why don’t you shop around instead of being lazy. 6 dollars? That’s not expensive to begin with, but improvise maybe?

That was rude. I live in a small town. One grocery store. Maybe the $6 was all she could get to easily. That jar of tomatoes gets more expensive when you have to drive all over town looking for it. Geez.

Yeah @Jay! That was very rude. I live in a moderately big city and i have the hardest time finding some ingredients sometimes, after driving around from store to store for 2 hours and sitting on the phone calling places just to see if they have it, buying that $6 is probably the only thing worth it. So i dont think calling her LAZY was very nice.

Thanks, Kayle!

Just a few things. I did wind up making this recipe tonight, and it was bland, and too oily. It’s a good base recipe, but not enough to stand on its own. First of all, I wasn’t able to achieve this creamy sauce. There was simply too much oil in the skillet from the sundried tomatoes. By the time I added the cream and mozza, I realized I should have removed it. Rookie mistake. But the pasta is way too oily. Another thing is that the recipe is bland. Mozarella is a boring cheese in general. I didn’t really get any pleasant aroma coming from it. In fact, the pasta just didn’t emit any aroma at all aside from the tomatoes. I managed to rescue this recipe with the follow things:

1. Adding more cheeses. Specifically, asiago, romano and parmesan. Mmm.

2. Bacon and mushrooms.

Unfortunately, the pasta was still extremely greasy, but it was very tasty after the additions at least. I urge people to modify this recipe to their own tastes.

Hi Enne, I am glad you were able to enjoy the pasta after the changes you made.

Regarding the greasiness – did you read my instructions that said to use only 2 tablespoons of oil from the jar? That would’ve resolved your greasiness problem right away! Of course, if you just dump sun-dried tomatoes together with all of the oil into the skillet – the recipe would be too oily.

I find that salting the dish with just the right amount of salt makes it very flavorful, especially when using flavorful ingredients such as basil and sun-dried tomatoes which are quite flavorful on their own. A little salt goes a long way. Mozzarella is an understated cheese, which is exactly why it’s used here with strong flavored ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes and basil.

By the way, I updated the recipe to reflect your comment and make it more clear re: draining the oil from the tomatoes and adding salt, basil, etc.

I made this tonight and it was lovely! I used GF pasta and rather than using sun dried tomatoes packed in oil – I used the plain dry version (bought a 3 oz bag and used half). I soaked them for about 30 min. In warm water first. I amped up the garlic flavor by using 5 cloves and used a decent amount of red pepper as well as added 1/4 c parmesan; even with these “extras” it was still a bit bland until I got the salt addition right – then it was quite yummy! I will definitely make this again:-) I am now looking forward to seeing the rest of your recipes as I just found this on pinterest! Thanks for an easy, delicious, weeknight meal!

Less fat is perfect for people with heart conditions….. Thanks for sharing as I have never used Sun dried tomatoes before, I can’t wait to try it!!

Omg I made this tonight and followed your instructions to a T. And it was not only simple but ohhhh sooo very yummy and my Italian husband LOVED it. He wants me to make another batch so he can bring some to work tomorrow. Thank u so much.

I found that the sun dried tomatoes didn’t have hardly any oil in them, and my pasta wasn’t greasy at all. The flavor is actually good, however I don’t like the hardened chunks of the tomato – luckily most of them sorta absorbed into the dish so not too shabby.

I have found that some brands tend to be tougher than others (I think the larger tomatoes pieces have less toughness) but either way I have found that cutting them up helps with that quite a bit. It also helps to let them spend some time in liquid of some sort to absorb of course. I know what you mean about the tough/chewiness they can have but love dishes with sun dried tomatoes.

You’re only supposed to add a little of the oil from the tomatoes and if you don’t get aromas from the sauteed garlic something is wrong with your sniffer, I made this tonight and it was delicious, not oily at all and the whole house smelled like an Italian restaurant, the whole family loved it, I always add my own seasoning so was not bland ay all, you have to make it your own by tasting as you go, thanks for a sharing the recipe I will be making it again.

I think this looks incredible! I would love to be at your house around dinnertime. : ) I recently started using some sundried tomatoes for pasta and I love the punch of sweet intense flavor.

Thank you Monica! I love sun-dried tomatoes and pasta. It makes the recipe taste so … Italian – love it!

How many calories does this dish have?

Looks delicious. I’m going to try it with smoked mozarella to amp up the flavor.

Wow, smoked Mozzarella sounds SO GOOD! Where do you buy it? Maybe I just don’t see it and need to pay more attention when shopping next time.

Just cooked this last night, everyone was a fan. Followed the recipe and it turned out perfect, so yummy.

Kassee – so glad everyone around you loved it!

Just made this and it is delicious!!!

Thank you Kelly! Glad it came out great for you!

Just found this on Pinterest and so glad I came over to get the recipe, some of my favourite ingredients all together – printed and pinned

Thank you, Annie – yes, these are some of my most favorite ingredients, too!

Easy and delish! Made this for dinner and we loved it. Used julienned cut sun-dried tomatoes which made it very easy. Didn’t have chicken tenders but cut-up 1 lb chicken breast. This is a keeper and we’re thinking of adding marinated artichokes next time ;). Thanks for the great recipe!!

Jody, you’re very welcome! I am glad you liked the recipe. Adding artichokes is a great idea – they are perfect for this sauce.

Made this tonight with kale cooked in a bit of olive oil, then added marinated artichokes, used 12 ounce box of GF penne, only used 1 cup of mozzarella cheese, and half cup of parmesan, also cut up chicken breast, and used more pasta water alongside of half and half, was awesome! Thanks for inspiration!

I made this dish for my boyfriend and both he and I loved it!

Jsan, thank you! So happy you both liked it!

Hi Julia; I tried this recipe tonight and it was ok, but as Enne stated above; it was bland, had no creaminess to it (and I added 2 cups of grated cheese). I would make my cheese/cream sauce in the pan before adding pasta, then chicken. The good thing was I served it to 2 very picky people, one being a teenager…they both gave it an O-K, but also came to the same conclusion. Add a more flavourful cheese, add copious amounts of bacon and reduce the amount of tomatoes. And the reason I say that is in Canada (where we are) everything is metric, so it was hard to resort back to “old school” and figure out the imperial vs metric measurement system. So all in all, the recipe is a keeper but I’ll change it up a bit as well. Also, one last thing, what the heck is a chicken tender??


Often when I cook, I find that undersalting a dish can really take away from flavor. I do not like oversalted dishes nor do I like undersalted ones. That was the case with this dish. I think adding just the right amount of salt to bring out the already strong flavors of basil and sun-dried tomatoes is key to making this dish not bland and successful! In this dish, the more salt the better!

Regarding the creaminess – in Canada you must have a finer Mozzarella cheese because the Mozzarella cheese I used thickened my sauce so much I had to use pasta water to water it down.

Chicken tenders is what it said on the package of chicken I used – I am guessing it’s soft tender parts of chicken that are not part of a whole chicken breast. In general chicken tenders taste and look like chicken breasts (white chicken meat), they are just cut in stripes.

Probably the bag of shredded mozzarella you got in the US had cornstarch added to it to keep it separated and that helped to thicken your sauce. Here in Italy it’s super hard to find preshredded mozzarella so I used fresh and didn’t need hardly any pasta water. I am originally from the US though so I knew it wasn’t going to work exactly the same ahead of time. Husband loved this but I wanted a bit more tomatoes lol. Still a keeper

Chicken tenders are chicken breasts cut into smaller pieces. Like chicken strips. I get shredded mozzarella from Costco and I know it isn’t mixed with anything but they are large shreds I guess and I always find when using it in a sauce I need to thin it out too.

Chicken tenders are a single muscle underneath the chicken breast, it’s long and relatively thin naturally. It’s more tender than the breast meat.

Just came back to print..because I am making this for Jacques and I Sunday..tomorrow we have the boys and they are pizza fans..

Just wanted to say..

SALT is key..and tasting in everything.

AND red pepper flakes in any dish like this IMHO..

Looking forward to it..will let you know..

Wonder if Marsala would add a bit of..je ne sais quoi:)..or sherry..love that in dishes like this..anyways until I try it..and so many of your dishes are staples now:) I won’t even speak alcohol add-ins:)

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Monique. I agree – in this dish it’s better to oversalt than undersalt.

Can’t wait to try it!!! The recipe calls for 3 cloves of garlic – whole or do they need to be minced?


I have the same question!

Yes, garlic has to be minced. I just corrected the ingredient list!

I was just wondering what is “half and half”????

Half and half is half milk, half cream. I think it’s also called ‘blend cream’. It’s sold in the US and canada for sure, not sure about elsewhere.

Thank you for the delicious recipe! I made this tonight and added some fresh sliced mushrooms and baby kale. It was a hit, and my husband said he could eat this every week!!!

Ha-ha! Thank you, Deb! Your comment made my day: “your husband said he could eat this every week!” Adding mushrooms and kale is a great idea!

A little bland; by a little I mean very. I like the idea, just wasn’t near the flavor I expected. Needs something else in the sauce to give it some more love.


Try adding more salt, more basil and more red pepper flakes. It says so in the recipe too. I am always conservative about adding spices because most people don’t like overly spicy or overly salty dishes.

I made this and my half and half separated and the mixture glommed onto the chicken. The flavor was good. I can’t figure out what happened.

Rick, when you add cheese, always bring the liquid sauce (half and half, in this case) to boil, add cheese, and then IMMEDIATELY reduce the heat to the lowest, or remove from heat and stir the cheese in until it melts. The logic here is that you want to heat half and half (or milk) until boiling point, then remove it from the boiling point as you’re adding and stirring the cheese.

If you add the cheese while the liquid is boiling on high heat – it might separate.

I had the same Issue with the sauce. Everything was so delicious and flavorful but my sauce was a little coagulated. Not sure if this also caused there to not be a lot of sauce either. That was one thing I wish was different there was no runny sauce. I will totally try this again though! Delicious!

It would be helpful if you included these instructions in the recipe. I’m just learning how to cook, so I’m glad I scrolled through the comments and saw this. I bought the ingredients this weekend and am going to try the recipe tomorrow night!

This was good. I added a splash of wine to the leftovers before reheating in a skillet and it put the flavor over the top. It is something to try for fun!

I know wine should be good in this recipe. I got to try adding wine too.

I made this last week and it was DELISH! Not to mention, extremely easy to prepare. I followed Julia’s directions to a “t” and it turned out great. My roommate said it was the best pasta dish she’d ever had and she’s a huge fan of italiano. So easy and so delicious. Thank you for sharing Julia!

Michelle, thank you so much for your comment! I am glad you and your roommate like it! I love Italian food and love simple recipes. This combines both.

I made this yesterday , yummmmy every one enjoyed and will definitely will b making it again , i have been looking for a creamy sauce pasta for a long time and this just hit the spot , thanks

S, thank you so much! Love creamy pasta dishes – they are good to have in a weekly or monthly rotation.

This was DELICIOUS!! With two picky little ones and a picky husband-this recipe passed with flying colors. I am one happy momma and i was surprised at how easy it was to fix. I’m not one to throw things together and make them taste amazing. A recipe is a must. I bought bruschetta with italian basil sun dried tomatoes at walmart. They were already chopped and full of flavor. The rest of the recipe i followed to a tee-used regular organic penne and added some parmesan to thicken in addition to taking the dish off the heat and letting it thicken on its own for a few minutes. Another huge plus was this dish was a two dish meal! Thank you! We really enjoyed it!! Hope this helps someone else.

Olga, so great you liked it! Great tips on letting the sauce thicken on its own – I do that too and need to include it in the recipe instructions!

The sundried tomatoes can be julienned prior to sautéing. Also, next time I will hold off on adding the garlic until the chicken is almost done. Having garlic sautéing on high heat for that amount of time results in charcoal bits. I was suspicious of adding the cheese and sauce to the pan with the chicken and sundried tomatoes already in it- especially at high heat. I went ahead and did it for the sake of experimenting but on MEDIUM heat and the sauce of course still separated. It’s science. The cheese and half and half need to be brought to heat slowly and separately in a sauce pan and THEN added to skillet, particularly if you’re using a cast iron skillet, in order for the sauce to stay together the night of and for re-heats. The flavor was there, but the texture of the globby cheese/oil/liquid mixture was repulsive. I’ll try it again but much differently.

Thanks for the tips! Regarding the sauce separating, I usually heat the half-and-half until very hot, add cheese, and immediately reduce heat to the lowest (simmer) and stir constantly to melt the cheese. Works for me every time!

Hello I had a question I’m going to make this dish tonight for dinner and I was wondering should I make the sauce before adding the chicken and sundried tomatoes in or should I make the sauce while the chicken is already in the pan??

Made this for lunch today. My husband liked it very much and packed the leftovers for work tonight. Thank you

Carol, thank you! I am glad you both liked it!

Hi Julia, what is half and half?

Nina, half and half is the US milk product that combines half milk half cream to form a lighter cream (unlike heavy cream). Half and half is still creamy and perfect for sauces, but it’s not thick as heavy cream so you can’t whip it to make whipped cream, for instance. Here is a good article: http://culinaryarts.about.com/od/glossary/g/Half-And-Half.htm

Made this for dinner last night and it was a huge hit! I added mushrooms, spinach and a handful of grape tomatoes to the garlic/sun dried tomatoes and sautéed everything for a few minutes. I also used 1% milk instead of 1/2&1/2 because that’s what I had in the design! Fantastic! Thanks for the recipe, it will be a go to!

Mushrooms, spinach, grape tomatoes – yum! Great additions! You used the milk in the same amount as half and half, and the sauce wasn’t too thin?

I made this last night with the following modifications: Sauteed the sundries tomatoes with sliced baby bella mushrooms for about 10 minutes and added the garlic during the last minute or so. Before sautéing the chicken, seasoned it with salt, pepper, and paprika. Sauteed for about ten minutes before putting the now chopped up veggies back in. Added the 1/2 & 1/2 and got it simmering, then removed the pot from the heat and added the cheese. Splashed in some white wine to thin the sauce and add flavor. Added fresh basil, and cooked gluten free noodles. Next time I might double the 1/2 & 1/2 and cheese (and add more of everything else) depending upon how many I want to serve. I found this dish very flavorful, especially with the dried red pepper added. I’d hesitate to add bacon because I think it would overcome the flavor profile of the dish.

Great tips – thank you! I agree about bacon – I was thinking about adding it too but bacon does overwhelm other flavors, so it would be a completely different dish if you add it.

I’m excited to try this recipe tonight, but don’t happen to have any half & half (or cream) on hand. What are your thoughts on subbing with unsweetened almond milk? Thanks!

If you substitute half and half with almond milk, the sauce will not be thick enough to coat the pasta. My suggestion would be to use just a small amount of almond milk so that even though it will still make the sauce too runny, at least there wouldn’t be too much liquid, and a small amount of almond milk will still coat the pasta, even though quite thinly.

Julia this was amazing! I followed the recipe exact and me, my husband and two teenage sons went gaga over it!!! I wouldn’t add anything or change anything it is absolutely perfect!! Thank you for a great dinner!!

Kelli, thank you so much for such a super positive comment!

I make this tonight. My husband loves Italian food best of all and he is very critical of Italian food. It has to be good. This was a wonderful surprise! You have to follow directions. Sauteing the garlic and Sun Dried tomatoes in the Sun Dried tomato oil is different, but the results are tender, flavorful chicken, a delicious, creamy cheesy sauce that is eye appealing, as well as a treat to the pallot. Next time I make it I plan to add fresh, sliced button mushrooms. I also plan to thin tonights leftovers (which we will have tomorrow) with white wine.

Renee, so glad you and your husband enjoyed this dish! And, I love your idea of thinning the leftovers with white wine – it’s very Italian or French (or both)

I made this and my family loved it!!

Please can anyone recommend a uk alternative for half & half?! Thanks

Heavy cream and milk

I used 2% milk but left out the water used to thin the sauce.

I have never commented on a recipe before but this one was too good to pass up! Made this for my boyfriend last week and he is already asking me to make it again!! I myself am not a huge pasta eater but this made me a believer for sure; absolutely delicious! Thanks so much!

Absolutely delicious! It looked great and tasted even better. I will definitely be using this recipe again.

Best pasta ever! Try if

I made this last night and was extremely disappointed. Like others said, it was bland. My fiance said it definitely needed pepper. I feel like I oversalted it and he still added salt on his plated dish, and he never salts anything. The sauce was nowhere near thick and creamy. In fact I didn’t even add the pasta water because the sauce never got thicker than water. I did add extra half and half and cheese in the hopes of thickening it up to no avail. Maybe I should have tried cornstarch. But the sauce didn’t coat the pasta at all. It just sat in the bottom of the pan, again, no thicker than water. I definitely will not be making this one again.

Great recipe find! Made with a few mods of my own. Didn’t have all the ingredients, so I subbed this for that, ect. One thing I did add was a generous teaspoon of smoked paprika. Added good smoky flavor. As they say, “recipes are a guide, baking is an exact science”.

This dish was AMAZING. I did not cook in the steps you did because it’s never a good idea to put garlic in a very hot pan! I used the same ingredients, but in different steps and it was crazy good. Definitely making this one over and over. And it was not too oily at all!

Made this tonight! Was very good. There was a lot of chicken… a bit too much. I was hesitant to try this recipe seeing as my boyfriend and I aren’t big tomato fans… But it was great! Next time I won’t be shy with those sun dried tomatoes and I’d add bacon too! I didn’t have half and half on me so I substituted with milk and butter…oops. (when in doubt, cornstarch that shit haha) anyway, drooling!! The man loved it

I made this recipe yesterday and LOVED it! For those who didn’t like it due to “being to bland” or “thought it was greasy:”, there is no reason that this should be the case if you followed the directions and/or season to taste. Every recipe has a “baseline”and then gets modified by the seasoning. Working with the seasoning is key here.

Hi Julia, going to try this dish tonight but I have a question….What is a cup of half and half? Is this a typo?

half and half is a thick cream..

How do I make this more saucy? I made this last night, however, it just wasn’t enough sauce to coat all the pasta. We liked the sauce, just wanted more of it. Also, I used milk instead of half and half.

The recipe calls for 8 oz of pasta which is half a box. A box is 16oz. Did you use 16 oz with this recipe? I doubled the ingredients and used a box of pasta and it worked. I also used half a cup of the pasta water.

My dish was a glob of bland, especially once the dish cooled down even a little, Have to add a lot of salt at the end. Very bland and way too thick, even with tweaking it at the end with lots of salt and splashes of the pasta water. It looks great and thanks for sharing, but my kitchen’s a mess and I spent a lot of time in it.. was not what I thought it would be. Eh, it was worth the try, maybe it is just not my type of dish. Maybe substituting the mozzarella with parmesan to make more like an alfredo, it would work for me, but imo the mozzarella isn’t right.

What wine goes well with this dish?

I followed your recipe to a T & it turned out awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Have you tried with shrimp vs chicken?

Absolutely Love this dish.. I have never made a meal from scratch ever… Until i saw this post and thought i should try it… It turned out amazing.. Had a few other try it to verify the my opinion was correct..Lol.. I did tweek it a lil .. I used pepper jack cheese instead of mozzarella.. And i cooked everything seperate and when all was finished i put it all together.. It was really good. Thank u for the idea. . my kids however thght it to be a lil spicey but they are young and very picky..:-)

I am unclear about how to cook the chicken. I’m reading it as cook it 1 min on each side with high then remove. Is that enough time for it to cook all the way? Also I only found sun dried tomatoes in a bag with no oil. Will those work on? Thank You!

I made this last night…..and OMGoodness……..the sauce, oh the sauce…..I could not keep out of. I kept taste testing just to see if it was really as eyes rolling in the back of my head delicious as I thought it was, and it was. When I get a “babe, you did real good” out of my husband….you know it’s good.

Made this tonight. Added a bit of Gorgonzola and Parmesan. Amazing!

Hi there Julia! I made this pasta for me and my boyfriend and I must say it was absolutely delicious!! Delicious as in the best pasta I have ever cooked!! I altered the ingredients just a little bit to much success!! I added bacon, mushroom, half parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese (for more bite), sage, spinach and extra cream yum yum!! Thank you sooo sooo much for posting this wonderful recipe ! Will be on the eye out for more xx

I loved, loved, loved this recipe. Just superb! Thank you SO much for sharing.

Made this last night for our family & company.. it was INCREDIBLE! Every single person went back for seconds.. it was instantaneously a family favorite, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks so much!!

What is half and half??? I’m Aussie.

Half and half is a dairy product consisting of equal parts light cream and milk. Frequently used in coffee!

How can I make this more (fitness and health conscious) friendly?

Hi Lilly, I think I’m going to try it with “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) instead of pasta so that it will be low carb.

Julia loved this recipe. It was easy to make and it turned out just like the picture. I did add spinach just to get some veggies. Next time I think I will try it with fresh basil to get more flavor.

The only problem is — I did not make enough!!! This is one of the best pasta dishes I have tried. I will be preparing this meal for tomorrow’s dinner. Yay! So good!

Made this tonight and I loved it! Definitely a hit!!!

Making this to serve 30 for my toddler’s 3rd BDAY in 1 week. Do you have an idea of how much of these ingredients I can use please. What if I were to use sour cream I instead of half n half?

I wanted to love this, I really did. Bleh. I consider myself a intermediate cook so I am not an amateur in the kitchen. This kept popping up on my Pinterest so I thought I would give it a shot. Bland, not creamy at all. People save yourself the money and time. I am throwing this out and seeing what else I can make tonight.

I tried your recipe tonight and it was fabulous! Kudos from my hubby too! No problems with the recipe at all, sauce turned out creamy and delish!!!! I added fresh mushrooms and marinated artichokes to the sundried tomatoes and garlic. Also used about 1/2 tsp cayenne instead of pepper flakes as I was out of the flakes. Thanks for a great new recipe!!!

I made this tonight, followed the instructions which were simple enough for me (I’m terrible in the kitchen), added additional red pepper flakes for an extra kick and salt. It was delicious and a hit with the fam.

I don’t understand why you say to cook the chicken for 1 minute on each side. I went back and read this so many times because I thought clearly it must be a typo, or she must have meant pre-cooked chicken. I cut mine up into bite size and they still take a solid 10 minutes to cook through. Once you add the sauce it’s practically done so I’d never add the sauce to raw chicken.

In the end, it tasted good though.

The colors of the dish are earthy and warm. This is just begging to be served family style.

This looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it……. My husband loves chicken n Pasta so this dish will probably be our Favorite….:)

I made this for my family tonight. So easy and oh so yummy! We will definitely be having this again.

I made this tonight and it was awesome. I did put my own spin on it – after reading the other comments. I added seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika to the chicken – a generous amount ( I make this all the time ). Everything else I pretty much did like the recipe called for – I don’t measure most of the time. But my family said it tasted like they ate at a restaurant. Will keep this recipe in hand for a long time. Love it!

i made this recipe tonight for my fiancé and my sister and it turned out SO good! I read all the posts beforehand and I will just give my comments. First, I used more garlic, about twice as much as in the recipe, and I used lots of fresh basil and red pepper flakes! I cooked the pasta first and set it to the side.. If you prep everything first the actual cooking goes pretty fast so I went ahead and got it out of the way.. As suggested I also cooked the half and half in a separate pan, and when it boiled I added the mozzarella and some Parmesan.. Then I put the creamy mixture in the pan with chicken and sun dried tomatoes… Also, I used the tomatoes in olive oil.. I put aside two tablespoons of the oil and then drained and rinsed the tomatoes and dried them off with a paper towel… It was not greasy at all!

Great dish! Everyone love it.. Thank you for the recipe! Happy holidays! Terry

Made this tonight and loved it! My husband said it was restaurant quality. We do like things on the plain side though!

Followed directions without modifications and it turned out great! I doubled the recipe and it’s a good thing I did. Several went back for seconds and thirds! Thanks for the recipe!

Hi Julia,

While Im not the greatest cook in the world (obviously with what Im about to ask you) – but I was wondering something. Your recipe is only for 4 servings. I need a recipe for at least 8-10 servings. If I use your recipe do you recommend me doubling all of the ingredients? Silly question, I know – but sometimes when you double a recipe its a disaster. I was wondering if you have ever made more than just the 4 servings? And if so, did you double everything?

Hi Alice,

I just made this tonight and doubled everything. Worked great. Only difference is that I cooked the chicken tenders in two batches. After the first batch cooked I put them aside on a plate and added more of the oil from the tomato jar. (Or you could have two pans of chicken going. But with the pasta boiling at the same time, it would have been too much going on for me, what with turning the chicken pieces over, etc.) Then continued with the directions. My family and I thought the amount of basil and red pepper was enough, definitely would not add more. Also, I did not add any more salt other than the initial salting of the chicken. I am surprised at the “bland” comments from some other readers/cooks. This is a meal I would be happy to pay for at a restaurant, which is a huge compliment from someone who does not flinch at serving a frozen pizza and calling it dinner!

Love, love, love!!

Made this tonight for the third time. It turns out perfect every time!!! Love it! The red pepper flakes add so much flavor.

For people who liked the dish but felt it too bland. One word:


I halved the recipe since I didn’t need to serve a lot, and added a can of anchovies that I chopped up with the garlic. Wow, what a difference. Very flavorful. Didn’t even end up using any salt (except in the pasta water — which like many here I ended up not needing to add to the sauce at all). For those who’ve never cooked with anchovies: they don’t make the dish taste fishy. They just add a lot of saltiness plus umami goodness.

I also used smoked paprika (a lot of it!) on the chicken, which I was dubious about but turned out really nice.

I made this dish last night to bring to a neighborhood NYE party and it was a big hit. The aroma in my house after making this lingered and smelled wonderful. I’m making it again tonight for a different set of friends. Thanks!

I made this tonight, followed the recipe exactly, and it was so yummy!! Definitely will make it again. Thank you for sharing!

Made this tonight and love it!

Does anyone have nutritional information on this recipe?

I made this tonight. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. But I think it could have been better. Not sure how. Maybe I should have let it meld longer. And/or put more of the tomatoes in it. It was bland. I even added ricotta cheese and smoked sausage to the mix. Overall, good. Possible improvement, very much so.

I made it as is and it was perfect and very flavorful. I don’t ever add a bunch of everything just so unnecessary to me. I may try adding some mushrooms and then add fresh spinach at the end just to add more color and nutrition

Is half and half a kind of low fat milk? I am in New Zealand and we don’t know it as that and I just want to make sure I am on the right track.

Many thanks Rachelle.

Would this work with Almond milk? My kids have lactose intolerance. The mix cheese should be ok but the half and half won’t work.

Made this tonight. Doubled the recipe for family of 5. So good. I prefer the sun dried tomatoes, so next time I make it I will add more. Not greasy at all. Love it! Thanks for sharing this!

Julie, can you freeze this after cooking? I have mind in the skillet right now and we can’t wait to try it but I know there will be quite a bit left over.

i made this tonight for myself and a friend and it was fabulous! So flavorful and satisfying! We sprinkled a little grated Parmesan on top, but it needed nothing else. I can see adding broccoli or spinach to it, or for mushroom lovers, some of those. I will definitely make this again for company. A little salad and a piece of garlic bread and voila! Perfect meal!

This was delicious and so easy. The kids loved it, well 5 out of 6 loved it. We will be making this again.

I made this last night for dinner. All I have to say is there is no left overs! Everyone absolutely loved this recipe even my 10 year old son who is a picky eater. Thank you!

I just made this dish and it is mouth watering gooooooood!

Since I’ve been pregnant, I haven’t been able to ENJOY creamy sauces! But this looks sooo amazing and I can’t wait to actually make it!

The sundried tomatoes, chicken, penne and mozzarella was delicious! I added roasted red pepper and spinach to the recipe and it was even better. Fat free half and half made it lighter, too!

This looks amazing! This is getting added to my list of perfect midweek dinners

Hi! I’m a college student and I’ve been looking for recipes to try out in my tiny dorm kitchen for a long time. Cooked this for a few friends today and it worked out great. Thank you so much for this awesome recipe!

Sounds scrumptious!

I thought it was delicious as I made mine very spicy which I love. Will try adding mushrooms next time.

Can someone tell me how many calories per serving?

Can you keep the sun dried tomatoes out my husband hates them.

I used one red pepper instead of the tomatoes, I sliced it up and sauteed it with oil before adding the garlic, it made the dish, it would have been plain without it. I also added a little parm. cheese to it. One other note, my sauce never thickened, I think the noodles soak up the juices…

What do I do if the jar of sundered tomatoes I purchased are already crushed and minced within Extra Virgin Olive oil??? will this make my dish extra oily??

This was a huge hit with my family. So easy and so delicious. We will definitely be making this again. Thank you for the recipe.

this meal was awesome. I loved it!!

Could I use thighs instead of breasts?

I would love to make this, but wasn’t sure what half and half is. Feel a little silly for even asking

Don’t feel silly. I think it’s a US product. It’s half cream-half milk. So just mix the two together or add less milk.

I made this last night and used fresh shrimp instead of chicken and I thought I had mozzarella at home but I didn’t, I used Colby/Jack Shredded and some Parmesan. Needless to say it was absolutely awesome, I think next time I will add spinach and mushrooms!!! Thanks for the recipe.

Making this now hope its good

Just made this dish and it tured out wonderful..also very easy.

All I can say is YUMMO! Even my picky five year old loved it! Thank you for a new standby!

I made it I ate it absolutely delicious

Hands down an outstanding recipe….I knew that 8 0z of pasta would not be enough to feed my family and provide left overs. I tripled the recipe from the start and only deviation was a bit of white wine as a finishing touch. Keeper!

Loved this dish. More importantly my DH and DD – who are extremely picky-loved the dish. It will be added to our monthly rotation. Do you happen to have the nutritional information for this dish?

Thanks again for sharing.

I made this recipe last night… And all I can say is yummy!!! It was so awesome! I followed the directions exactly how there written and was so impressed with how good it turned out! It was absolutely amazing!!

I was not a fan. Was bland and oily. Tasted a lot like a bunt tomatoe.

Agreed. I think it might taste better with parm cheese.

This looks absolutely delicious. I just started weight watchers so I am looking for the nutritional information to determine the point value. Do you have that? Thank you!

I made this last night and used half and half agianst better judgement, knowing it breaks when heated. I wanted a lighter cream sauce so thought I’d try this one. I ended up adding some heavy cream and a little parmesean. So was not as light in calories as I wanted but not as high as others and was very delicious!!! It’s a keeper!

Okay so I actually made the recipe (so frustrating when all comments are just “wow this looks good”) and here are my tips. Mine turned out DELICIOUS but needed a major tweak.

I agree with the one other reviewer that made the dish and said 1 cup mozzarella is too bland. Mozz has little taste, I knew that going in. So I added (a little at a time to make sure it made a good sauce) another full cup of jalapeno cheddar. I had no need to add a half cup of pasta water (thank goodness, I have a huge aversion to this tactic. I find it so gross) – the sauce came to be the perfect consistency.

As for the oil, I didn’t use sun dried tomatoes out of a jar, so when I chopped up my sun dried tomatoes, I added a tablespoon of oil and let them sit. Then I used another tablespoon+ in the pan when sauteeing the garlic & sun dried tomatoes. Not oily at all. Perfect.

I will definitely make this again (but only with these adjustments)!

I made this last night and it was a huge hit. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to make again! Delish!

I agree with a previous post – I could never get the creamy sauce – there was too much oil, and I carefully measured. So I only added alittle pasta water, and a bit more half-n-half. The smell so far is just OK., nothing special. I added some parmesan. Just taste tested, its OK, but probably wont make it again. Sorry Julia .

Saw this and had to make it. I switched out the sun dried tomatoes for spinach and some spaghetti sauce, other than that stuck to the recipe. It turned out beautifully, will definitely make again. Thanks for sharing.

Can this be made ahead and frozen? If so, how long do I cook it frozen?

I just made this and it was not my favorite. Not enough flavors. The cheese became string not creamy might be the cheese I used but it just lacked that oomph I was looking for.

Julia, I made this tonight with 2% milk since that’s what I keep in the fridge. It took a little while, but it thickened and I did not need to use any pasta water. I thought this dish was fantastic and plenty flavorful. I will definitely make this again.

And just my opinion. But some people on here are just plain rude.

Looks great… as a small side. I hope everyone serving this for ‘dinner’ has eaten nothing but vegetables the rest of the day!

Made this for dinner last night and I didn’t find it bland at all. Added about 4 strips of bacon (cooked with the tomatoes) and used an entire tsp of red pepper flakes. I used garlic herb frozen chicken cutlets in place of the tenders and drained the oil from the pan before proceeding with the half and half. Unfortunately, I’d over-salted the pasta water so couldn’t use that to thin the sauce, which would have been nice, but we enjoyed the meal all the same. In my opinion, full of rich, delicious flavor. Thanks!

Hey i have a question: What is “half and half”? I am german

Can you please advise what is the substitute for half and half ?????


Equal parts light cream and milk. I’ve used milk in this recipe and reduced it a while but the sauce will be thinner than if you use half and half.

This was great. It was very easy and didn’t take much time to make. Even my 2 year old going through her *if it’s new I don’t like it* stage ate it all. The only thing I would change next time is adding a bit more water. Other than that I followed the recipe to the T and it was perfect. I will definitely be adding this to my frequent meals list. Thanks for sharing

Would this freeze well? Looks and sounds so yummy!

Very bland, just couldn’t get it seasoned with the seasonings listed. Might taste better with parm cheese instead of mozz.

So excited to stumble upon this recipe !! I can tell this will be a favorite in my household!! Love the fact that it is all cooked in one pan! Thanks for sharing your yummy recipe!!

How many does this serve?

Made tonight for dinner and was absolutely fabulous! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

My husband claims it was better than any upscale restaurant would make.

I was so excited to make this and was so disappointed, the “creamy sauce seemed powdery or gritty and the flavor was so off and I think it was due to the sun dried tomato raisin flavor. Hubby didn’t think it was terrible but I definately won’t be making it again.

Is there a way to make this without the sun dried tomatoes. My husband is allergic to them but we want to try this recipe so bad. Please let me know asap.

My two years old and my one year old twins simply love it!

So did my husband and I.

Thanks for the recipe!

They always forget to put nutrition information about their dishes. I think every recipe should come with the nutrition informed

This is a casual recipe site – if you know the nutritional value of the ingredients, by measure you should have a good idea of the combined nutrients and TDA’s. Of course, serving size also contributes to total intake.

For that matter, many Professional Chef websites don’t publish nutritional specs.

Very good but I would cut back on the basil next time .

Made this dish yesterday and it was really tasty… But today I mixed the leftovers with brown rice and chopped up broccoli florets and turned it into a casserole with garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese on top. and OMG it was delicious!!! And have leftovers again for tomorrow to!

I am one who prepares simple recipes. This was simple and my family loved it. I added fresh spinach at the last minute, because I was too lazy to make a salad. Because it has a fairly strong flavor, I feel we ate smaller, healthier portions. I will make it again.

Made this tonight for dinner and it was…AMAZING! I added a little more cream because it didn’t look like there was enough sauce for the amount of pasta we made. I also instead of just mozzarella cheese added some gouda for a more sharper cheese flavour. Lastly, I also through in some shrimp because I only had two small chicken fillets which didn’t seem like enough meat to me. All in all it turned out great!! The basil (I used dried) is a MUST- gives it another layer of flavour!! Thank you for sharing the recipe! Enjoy everyone!

I made this recipe two nights ago and my family loved it…so creamy…definitely I’ll keep making it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Looks so good, I don’t have half & half but I do have heavy cream. Do you think I can substitute? If so should I use the same amount?

Can I use heavy cream instead of half and half?

I really liked this, didn’t find it bland at all, I did feel that there wasn’t enough sauce. Next time I will use more cream and cheese. I’m not usually a fan of mozzarella cheese, this was good!

Hello , looks like a yummie recepie. But what is half half??? Never see it here in the Netherlands.

Oh my goodness. This was amazing. I added artichokes. I loved it!

Amazeballs (yes, I really did just write that – God save me)! I love this recipe because it’s easy to play with if you don’t have the specific ingredients or you want a slightly different flavor. For those with dairy issues, I used canned coconut milk instead of 1/2 & 1/2 just to take the dairy down a notch for my somewhat sensitive stomach. Thanks so much!

Awesome recipe! I made it for my boyfriend and he loved it – he took the leftovers to work for lunch the next day. I followed it almost exactly, but instead of mozzarella I used an Italian cheese blend, and I used chicken broth to thin out the sauce instead of pasta water. I still didn’t end up with the sauce-to-pasta recipe I expected; in your photos it looks like the pasta was swimming in sauce, but in mine it barely got coated. Still delicious, though! Thanks!

Holy crap sister…this recipe just earned me major mom/wife points..my husband cant even talk hes loving his dinner soo much! I got smart and read all the comments first before delving in, but ended up doing it exactly as you said. It was perfectly seasoned and rich, cheesy greatness. Wanted to say thanks for adding another family favorite to our house!

Could you substitute evaporated milk for the half n half. I don’t have any half n half.

Thank you Julia! I made this and tweaked it a bit for the cheese sauce. I went ahead and put some butter with the half and half with Smoked Mozzarella and my family enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this!

Question – how do you avoid having your garlic turn into a blackened, burned mess?


I enjoyed the dish and would make again but I think I will need to tweak the seasoning on my end. The main issue I have with this recipe is the sauce technique. I don’t know how everyone gets a smooth sauce by adding the cheese after the chicken and tomatoes. As I read it my gut told me this was against everything I had been taught about cream sauces and sure enough when I tried it the cheese clumped to the chicken and tomatoes making them stick together and separate from the cream. Did not matter how much I stirred or heated the cheese never dissolved after this. Next time I would go back to my gut – Put the cream in the pan (not a hot pan, only cool to warm) and slowly heat to simmer, add the cheese and remove from heat/keep on low simmer until it melts into the cream then stir until smooth. Simmer until thickened. Only after the sauce is smooth would I add the chicken, cheese or pasta. I think this will work out better next time!

The same thing happened to me! I have been going through all the comments looking to see if anyone else had that problem. I too thought this was not the regular way to make a cream sauce, but went ahead with the recipe following it to the letter, thinking if this turns out, it will be so easy! Well, it did not turn out – I too will go back to the old ways – I don’t want to toss this recipe – the flavors are delicious! I will try again.

Charlene, I had leftovers for lunch the next day and when I microwaved it the cheese melted and the sauce turned into on of those oily smooth ones you get when you take home leftover pasta from an italian restaurant. It was actually quite good and the flavours even better the next day. I think if I can plan ahead next time I’ll make the cream sauce a day ahead and let it marry in the fridge before warming it on the stove and adding the fresh cooked chicken an pasta. For a sure a keeper with a few tweaks.

We made this with minor changes and the quinoa with sweet potato last night for dinner and we LOVE both very very much. We love plant-based and are hooked, but it is hard to stay fully committed. We have seen amazing results in our cholesterol levels. It is definitely worth the changes in ones diet. We will continue to follow you and all your great recipes. Love your list of kitchen items and ” have to” foods in the pantry. We work 10-5, 5 days a week, so coming home to cook is not our aim. Hate it, so on days-off I put on my apron and have some fun. And to me it is fun. We do not want to eat beef, veal or pork, husband eats fish, I prefer not to. And cheeses are not good for us, we are in our 70s, so not good, but oh how we love love cheese. We just cheat. Got to die of something… Thank you and all your hard work. It gets to those who are open and ready. You do bear fruit. God Bless You.

After learning how to infuse flavors I did just that with this recipe… I used fresh basil inall steps of the recipe, as well as using fresh basil for garnish before serving and used 3 med-large garlic cloves in every step to infuse spices, and it turned out amazing. The second day it was even better than the first and it was hard to believe because this is a great recipe I now have to make over and over for everyone.

The pic got me to try this.I am not a fan of penne or white sauces with cheese.This was delicious though! I had boneless skinless chicken thighs & used those +added mushrooms & deglazed the pan with white wine b4 adding cheese & 1/2&1/2. Tasty, quick and inexpensive-a great recipe that I am glad I tried.

I made this for dinner tonight. I subbed the half n half with whipping creme and the pasta water with chicken broth. The sauce is AMAZING!! It would definitely go well with any seafood as well as chicken.

I did not like this dish at all! I’m sorry, there was no flavor whatsoever.

Well this was AMAZING!

I absolutely love it!! and it’s so easy to make!

It’s absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing!

This is delicious, I made some of my own changes but the recipe is just fantastic. I added more garlic, only because I love garlic and used a oregano, basil and tomato spice blend when I sautéed the garlic and sundried tomatoes. This meal is definitely a keeper at my house. Thanks for sharing!

Where’s the Marsala? I think it was left out of the recipe. Definitely need Marsala wine in Pasta Marsala.

So no one else had a problem with the milk and cheese separating? I’ve never boiled those two things together and not had it look like it had curdled.

You probably had the heat too high and you have to stir it constantly or it will curdle on you.

Hi! This looks delicious! I was wondering if I could make a larger batch of this ahead of time and refrigerate and then reheat the next day? Do you think it would turn out the same? Could I heat it in the oven? Thanks!


Could you sub whole milk in for half and half?

My husband won’t eat sun dried tomatoes. Can I just sauté the garlic in regular olive oil.? If so how much should I use?

Stunning! On the first taste it was on the bland side. But as you said, I added a bit more salt and it enhanced all the flavours. This recipe shows lovely elegant restraint.

Just made this, loved it!! I used fontina cheese. Will be making it again!!

This looks so good. Has anyone tried to reheat the leftovers? If you did, did the sauce separate?

I want to make this tonight and reheat it in a crockpot for a party tomorrow.. Think it will hold up?

Made this tonight & it was awesome & full of flavor! I think the issue with the complaints about this being bland stems from others not salting their pasta water properly. I’ve always been told add enough salt until it taste like the ocean. The only variations I did was I used a Italian blend shredded cheese mix you get in a bag, increased the amount by 1/2 a cup. Also added a jar of marinated artichoke heart & a couple more cloves of garlic. Absolutely delicious. Even my teenage girls raved over it. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

This reminds me of my favorite pasta dish in Belgium. Add Mushrooms and red peppers to it…yummy you got yourself a dish.

I am going to make this for my mom for her birthday tomorrow. Looks great!! Does anyboth know how many calories a serving is?? Thank you!!

Absolutely delicious!!! I used slow roasted tomatoes from my garden that I made and froze last summer. Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for a great recipe. I made it following the directions exactly. Then sprinkled it with a Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano mixture. We loved it. I will add more half & half and cheese next time because I prefer more sauce. Anxious to try it again using artichoke hearts rather than the tomatoes.

This was actually pretty good. I changed up the recipe because I didn’t have a lot of the ingredients, so next time I’m going to make it exactly with what it calls for. I didn’t have chicken, so just made the pasta. Instead of half and half I used milk and a tbsp of butter. I also used parmisan and romano cheese instead of mozzarella since I didn’t have. I added a little bit of white wine to the sauce too…. came out great! Thank you!

Love to have this recipe added to the dinner rotation!! So good! SO easy!! Added extra half and half and cheese to make more sauce. Used a little parm cheese too. Thought it was a very inexpensive meal as my sundried tomatoes in the package at Walmart were only $2.50. Didn’t think my son would like it with all the sundried tomatoes in it but he said “Oooh, zesty dish, mom!” Thanks for the recipe

Can you make this in the crockpot? If so, how would you do it? I always overcook chicken on the stove but my chicken always turns out right in the crockpot. Thank you!

I found Everton but the sun dried tomatoes. Can I use canned diced tomatoes and drain them well before putting them in??

I made this tonight for my family, we all LOVED it! It was really easy to make and even my 12 year old reformed picky eater asked for a second helping! It tasted like a dinner from Carabbas!

Can’t wait to try! Did you grate fresh mozzarella?

When I hit the Print button, only the recipe printed. Any way to get it to print with the gorgeous photo?

I made this dish last night and It was very easy to make. I’m now in love with the chicken tenderloin cut, LOL. But like the other reviewers, the dish was bland at first. So I added sea salt, basil, and Italian seasoning. I also added an Italian cheese blend which gave it the flavor I wanted. I substituted half and half with 2% milk too. Next time I make this, I would like to add bacon and mushrooms! Thank you for this recipe and I will definitely be making it again!

I made this last night, and the half and half and cheese did not blend together. Instead I had cheese that stuck to the bottom of the skillet. I could see the 2 separate while I was mixing, and it never got better. This is not my first time around the kitchen . . . just sayin’! It tasted good, I would like to repeat this recipe, but would like a better sauce consistency than the one I created following the recipe.

This was good. I added a little fresh ground black pepper, spinach, and turkey bacon.

This is a great starter recipe. In addition to the recipe I added half a small onion, 1 cup of spinach and substituted an Italian cheese blend instead of the mozzarella cheese. My husband LOVED it.

I made this tonight and it was great. I will make again.

Made this tonight…OMG this was better than Olive Garden! Very easy & flavorful. I mixed a little Parmesan cheese in with the mozzarella…not sure if that gave it more flavor or not but it was good. The whole family loved it…even had enough for seconds & left overs. Will definitely make it again and wouldn’t change anything

Made this tonight with the addition of some onions when I sautéed the tomato and garlic. Everything did turn out great but definitely agree it is a little bland. I added parmesan cheese and that did the trick! Next time i will swap all the mozzarella for parmesan. That will allow me to cut down on adding so much salt. Thanks for sharing!

I made this today for my family. It is absolutely amazing. The only thing I did different was I added a lb of smoke sausage along with the chicken. Again absolutely amazing. Thank you for the recipe.

Ok, I just made this and it is every bit as delicious as it sounds!!!

I want make this for valentine’s day but I was just wondering if you knew of a good wine to pair this dish with.

I made this dish a few nights ago we LOVED it! The changes I made were adding 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese from a container, 1/4 lb cooked bacon and used frozen bagged Tyson grilled chicken breast strips, also I added a bit of milk at the end to make more sauce. It was beyond perfect for my family’s taste. I think the additions took care of the need to add extra salt. This dish reminded me of my favorite Macaroni Grill dish, Penne Rustica. Excellent dish, thank you!

I made this for dinner this evening and it was fabulous! The only changes I made was I used homemade Papparadelle, organic fat free milk, and fresh mozzarella pearls. After allowing the sauce to cook down and absorb into the pasta a bit it was perfect!

What is half and half? I looked at lots of the comments to see if someone else had asked but didn’t find any help on this. It’s hard to make a recipe when you have no idea what one of the ingredients is!

I can,t wait to try this i have everything but the half and half in the house so it will be tomorrow ,its to cold to go out today

Hi, question. Overall dish turned out pretty good. Thank you! The only thing is when I added cheese it melted and then just clumped and glued to the chicken. So I got watery sauce with clumps of cheese on chicken. What went wrong? Should I use other cheese that has better consistency? I also wanted to try your creamy shrimp mushroom recipe but afraid same mozzarella cheese will curd /clump

OMG…I made this and it was awesome!! However, I’m glad I read all the comments first. I don’t like sun dried tomatoes so I used bacon instead with about 1 to 2 tbs of olive oil. I used the tips about making the sauce, I removed the chicken and bacon from the pan and heated up the half and half and slowly added the cheese, constantly stirring. I thought it would be lumpy but I kept stirring it and it became creamy. I also added parmasain cheese and spinach. The sauce got thick and delicious. Then I mixed it all together. I did need to add 1 cup of pasta water. And not to waste the half and half I used the whole small carton. There was plenty of sauce for half a box of pasta. Something’s I wanted to add to the comments is: don’t be afraid to add any spices or vegetables to this dish. Make it your own. Once you get the sauce right add whatever you want so it’s not bland. Second: for weight watchers…use your recipe builder online. If you don’t know how ask your WW leader.

Is the chicken pre=cooked?

Chicken, mozzarella and sun dried tomato dish was fantastic. Not too tricky to make but great taste.

I loved this recipe! After trying a new baking recipe this weekend and it being a flop I was thrilled to have this come out great! I followed the instructions exactly and it came out perfect. I used little bit of oil called for from the sun dried tomato jar and didn’t find it to be oily at all. I did have to cook my chicken longer than called for but that was it. I used gluten free noodles to accommodate my sister and I. Most of my family doesn’t like spicy but just for my bowl I added more red pepper. The dish (with more red pepper) reminds me a bit of the Louisiana chicken pasta at Cheesecake Factory which is a fav! I think next time I would use less basil. It’s helpful to remember that everyone has their own taste preferences and most recipes I tweak a bit on the second go around to create the flavors I prefer! You can usually tell after tasting the first time when a recipe has good “bones” and then learn the spices and flavors and alter a little the next time! My family all loved it as well and they are fairly picky! Thank you!

Never ever rinse pasta, unless using it cold!!! Cooking 101. Simply take it out of water very al dente to allow for extra cooking.

I loved this recipe, as did my whole family!! I can’t imagine why others thought it was bland. I followed it exactly except I added fresh mushrooms. When I make it again I will start the pasta first. In not sure the rational for doing the veggies and chicken only to have to then begin boiling the water for the pasta, creating an extra 15 minutes of cook time. After the chicken comes off the skillet, it seems a waste of the little bits on the pan when it was to sit there and get cold while you wait for pasta to boil. I would at least get the water going, cook the chicken, then deglaze the pan with the cream. Just wondering…but thank you for the recipe.

I made this for dinner tonight, only to find out I didn’t have sun-dried tomatoes on hand. I decided spur of the moment to substitute with broccoli. It turned out wonderful tasting! My only problem was the mozzarella melted to the chicken and didn’t melt all the way into the sauce. Next time I would remove everything from the pan while making the sauce to evenly melt easier. Delicious!

Love this! Subbed in red peppers for sun dried tomatoes though.

Fabulous meal. I added roasted red peppers instead of the flakes and it turned out fantastic!

Made this for my fam. I have to admit, it’s the best dish I’ve ever made. I used 2 lbs of chicken breast tenders and cayenne pepper instead of red pepper flakes (since I have a 2 year old, hate for her to catch a few of those in one bite).

I followed the recipe exactly, it turned out looking nothing like the pictures, which showed a smooth, creamy sauce. Mine turned out gooey, stringy and clumpy. It tasted ok, but I was disappointed in the sauce. I should have known that mozarella cheese doesn’t really melt down like cream cheese. Mozarella is always stringy no matter how long you cook it. Still, my husband and son consumed the entire thing in one sitting.

I made this for the family today. Everybody loved it. My husband wants me to use bow tie pasta next time. I will use more fresh from my garden basil next time. Love the flavors!

This was absolutely the best chicken dish i have ever made. My entire family loved it!

Hello from the UK,

Had a read through some of the comments before trying this recipe. Delicious after some alterations I have to admit, reduction of the oil quantity to about a teaspoon, Addition of frozen spinach and frozen bell peppers (capsicum) and some 2% milk to make it a more creamy sauce.

on the cost aspect we had to use Mature Cheddar as mozzarella is very expensive over here. Sundried tomatoes are also rather expensive, even in Aldi or Lidl.

Apart from these small changes, this was a fab recipe, I will defiantly be making it again. Thanks for posting it!

Thank you for a very good base

I just made this tonight. My kids liked it but we too thought it was a little in the bland side. That is my fault though because I can’t use red pepper flakes because we don’t like spice/heat. I was thinking of next time trying wine to add to the sauce instead of the pasta water. I also would double the sauce recipe because we like our pasta a little more creamy. Overall a good base recipe though.

It looks so good! Just curious where you got the original recipe or what recipe it was adapted from?

Tried this tonight…we loved it! Definitely have to get the salt content right, but this was very flavorful and delicious! Put over spaghetti squash and used fat free half and half to lighten it up a bit! Will definitely make again!

my chicken wasn’t cooked all the way and I had to remove it from the dish and bake it. Otherwise it was delicious

Delicious and way simpler to make than I had originally expected. Thank you!

I must try this recipe!! My hubby loves all pasta dishes I prepare and I enjoy preparing them for him…especially Italian recipes featuring sun dried tomatoes and creamy Mozzarella cheese! I’ll be preparing this dish soon!!

I have tried a lot of Pinterest recipes, some good, some not so much. This recipe was delicious! Looked like the picture and tasted even better! It was still yummy as leftovers! This one stays on my page!!! Thank you!

Delicious flavor!! My whole family loved it. I will definitely be making this again and soon!!

I made this for dinner tonight for three hungry men. It was fabulous! Rave reviews from everyone. I tweaked the seasonings a bit and added about a half cup more of the half n half and also some additional pasta water only because I wanted more sauce. The sundried tomatoes really give the sauce depth of flavor. Thank you for the recipe, I will definitely make again.

I made this, and it’s really good…but I added too much crushed red pepper. HOT!! We have a lot left and I would like to doctor it up to not be so hot. Any ideas??

I wanted to love this recipe – it had a lot of ingredients I love but – it was horrible. Had I sautéed the garlic on high it would have burned immediately. As it was, the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes was smoking badly on med.-high! The whole kitchen smelled awful! I followed the rest of the recipe (cooked the chicken for more than 1 minute) but it turned out bland and got tossed in the trash. I’d like to know your secret for sautéing garlic on high without burning it.

I think the quality of the mozzarella may greatly affect this recipe. I used the best I can get where I live but it still was stringy and globbed up and separated despite following the tips on heat to use. If I try it again I will try the cream and cheese separately first but I find mozzarella one of the hardest cheeses to melt because it is so stringy. This has the right flavors but I wanted creamy texture and couldn’t achieve it.

I’m not sure why it only happens to recipes I pin from your site, but the dish description doesn’t show up under the pin once it hits the newsfeed. I’ve tried to go in and edit, but it won’t allow me to add the name. All that shows up on the feed is a picture and your website. What am I doing wrong?

I tried this and although it didn’t look exactly like the picture it was very tasty. Since the ingredients and measurements are American (I’m an Aussie) the internet was used a bit to look things up e.g. half and half. Had no idea what it even was. I had trouble with the mozzarella cheese sauce so will play around with it next time. There will definitely be a next time. Will also try adding some toasted pinenuts to the mix.

I love this recipe. I saute the chicken with a sprinkling of McCormicks Roasted Garlic and Bell Pepper Seasoning just because I use any excuse to add that to dishes. I also add maybe a 1/4 cup of parmesan to the sauce. Thanks for sharing that recipe, I make it often.

Made this tonight for my family, it turned out very well. I went a little heavier on the cheese, I love my pasta cheesy, and I gave the chicken a pretty good sprinkle of the paprika and red pepper flakes which gave it a nice kick, we went a touch more on the basil too, otherwise followed the recipe exactly including draining the sundried tomatoes well, even squeezed some of the oil out of them and used to fry the chicken and tomatoes. The flavors blended well and my kids loved it and said I need to make it again. We used nice boneless chicken breasts cut up into salad sized pieces. Enough leftovers for everyone to have lunch tomorrow too, I doubled the recipe and am I ever glad I did!

Can I make this in the crockpot and just add cooked noodles later?

Was Delicious!! But why did it not come out so creamy. I added dry sundried tomatoes not in oil bought in jar. Is that why? I did all the recipe said. My husband said I have to make this dish at least one time a month. He loved it !! Thanks!! :)))

I wouldn’t be able to say for sure why yours didn’t come out as creamy but I actually use heavy whipping cream instead of half and half, then add more mozzarella. If it turns out to be TOO creamy, you can just add more water like the recipe says. This really helped with mine being deliciously creamy and when in doubt add more and more cheese!! Also I used sun-dried tomatoes that were already dry too, and I just soaked them, then drained to help it cook easier with the other ingredients in a pan. Hope that helps!

I just made this recipe for dinner and followed every instruction as written. The only thing I did different was seasoned my chicken as I normally would with more than just salt. I found it very delicious and so did my family. Thank you for this recipe.

I made this last night. I used only 1/2 cup half and half, and 1/2 cup chicken stock. It was good, but it needs more seasoning, or maybe a mix of cheeses as opposed to just mozzarella.

Made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious- just wanted to say thanks for the great recipe! My husband, a notoriously picky eater with an unusual distaste for eating “leftovers” said he can’t wait to eat the remains for lunch tomorrow

Made this for my family and all I have is two words. YUM and EASY! I wouldn’t change one thing about this recipe. The only thing was couldn’t find regular whole sun dried tomatoes at my local grocery store, so I got the Julienne Cut sun dried tomatoes with Italian seasoning and never had to cut them, and I believe they gave the right amount of extra flavor. All the flavors exploded into my mouth with every bite and it was amazing. Was ready in under a half hour on my first try, so I imagine in the future this will be an easy 20 minute meal.

I made this for dinner and it was a huge hit. So many variations possible. THANKS!!

Are there any substitutes for the half&half? Can I use regular milk?

A fabulous recipe! I agree with other comments, it’s an expensive one to make as sun-dried tomatoes aren’t cheap. I live in Australia and I paid nearly $10 for a jar. But the dish was awesome and tasted amazing. It’s one of those special treat recipes. Will definitely make again. To me the basil is a must. It really adds to the dish. Thanks!

Unfortunately this was a fail for us and definitely not worth the price for ingredients. As stunningly beautiful as the pictures are, it was not as delicious as it looks nor was it flavorful enough. I’m glad I broadened my horizons by trying it, but I will not be making this again

May I have a printable copy of this recipe? My computer does not move add it is hard to follow on my online. It looks amazing add I can’t wait to try it!!!!!

Not only did your chicken pasta look amazing, I scrolled own and saw the others and my jaw literally DROPPED! I’m trying every single one!


The recipe calls for 8 oz of pasta, i want to use a box of pasta would i double the recipe to do so?

Thank you

Chickens do not have tenderloins. I know your butcher wants to make this a thing, but it’s not. That is a butterflied chicken breast. Which is actually a thing.

Tried chicken mozzarella with sun-dried tomatoes pasta, its soooo delicious!

my mother and I made this recipe. The ingredients called for 8 oz penne but since my family and I have big appetites we thought we’d double the amount to 16oz (1 lb). So, we doubled all the ingredients. The outcome was not what I expected….no water was needed because it came out watery and not creamy and the chicken with sauce tastes bland. What did we do wrong? Did we add too much of something or not enough? Your quick and honest response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

First of all I loved this recipe and so did all my roommates! I realized I needed to make dinner and needed something fast. Three 20 something boys are not hard to please but they loved it! However my sauce didn’t come out creamy, it was more clumpy… I’m wondering what I did wrong? I am 22 and still learning to cook so any help would be appreciated so this can be an easy go-to dish!

Made this for dinn tonight and it was so easy and delicious!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Made this tonight and it was so good!!! Now we are fighting about who gets the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Amazing amazing recipe and every time I make it, I love it even more! Thank you so much for this recipe!!

I’ve just tried to do it and it turned out delicious. Although I’m Italian and we don’t really put chicken in our pasta.

I have made the sun dried tomato one several times it’s wonderful!!! Making for a party of 30 but I’m going to do it without the chicken

Hi Ms Julia,

I love the recipe. I made it early this morning for lunch today to share with a friend. She also loves it. I altered it somewhat to make it “paleo” friendly. I used coconut milk instead of the half and half. For the pasta I substituted zuchinni squash ran through my spiralize cutter. It turns the squash and cuts ribbons off of it. Boiled just a little and my girlfriend loved it. I just finished it off for supper. I also added several more cloves of garlic. Heart healthy, clean and delicious! Wow! Thanks for posting.

Just made the Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes for dinner tonight. LOVED it! I added mushrooms and will add onion next time. Thankx

I did not make this recipe but I’ve watched a lot of cooking shows especially Lydia’s (Bastianich). She and all the chef’s I’ve watched say rinsing pasta in cold water is a no-no. She takes it out of the pasta pot with a spider and puts it in the pan with the sauce, mixes it with tongs and lets the flavors meld. She ALWAYS adds a bit of pasta water and turns off the burner before she adds the cheese. She twirls it to keep in the heat , as she puts it into a warmed dish then grates more cheese and sprinkles with basil , if it’s part of the recipe.

what is one cup of half and half please, the recipe looks absolutely delicious, I would like to try to cook this. Thank you.

Hi two questions,

1) What is half and half? I’m assuming it cream but I’m in the UK and I’ve never heard of it.

2) Are red peper flakes chilli flakes? I’ve searched high and low for red peper flakes but I can’t find them anywhere

What’s “half and half”?

This was really yummy! I read the comments and salted every step. Salted the pasta water, the sautéd tomatoes, and the chicken. I added TONS of minced garlic (like 14 cloves!) 1/2 cup of Parmesan to the sauce which boosted the saltiness as well. My OOPS, I forgot to reserve pasta water… So I used white wine. Also I added 2 cups baby Kale leaves for some added color and nutrients. Sooooo good! Kudos to an easy and fun recipe. Can’t wait to tweak it every time for a new twist. I’m feeling some kalamata olives in the future!

I am making this right now. Only I will be adding broccoli, spinach, and of course, bacon =). Thanks for the inspiration!

This looks delicious. This is the next dish I’m making.

Would this be an okay dish to make in a cast iron skillet? That isn’t fully “seasoned/broken in” yet..? I’m worried about it potentially sticking. I have all the ingredients and plan to make tonight!

I tried this tonight and loved it!

I made it and it was…….Deliciosa!

Thank you so much Julia!

I made this last night for myself and 4 others. It was a hit! Everyone kept talking about how good it was. I added a bit more noodles, half and half, and mozzarella to accommodate the extra serving. Though we still ended up with leftovers. Thanks for making these instructions so easy to follow!!!

This was so flavorful! Thanks for a wonderful recipe:)


I made this pasta tonight. However, it became very clumply. The mozzarella and tomato melted into a cream sauce. However, it then clumped together

I’ve made this twice now and love it! Easy, creamy, and delicious – can’t beat it!

We just made this tonight as it looked super yummy, but sadly we were a bit disappointed – aside from the tomatoes this recipe was super bland and we didn’t find there to be much creaminess to the dish.

Wow so apparently if your using food stamps you can’t have an opinion on price . Complete ignorance any who seeing how this is for the ReCIpE not debating purposes I am making this now. It is super easy but being that the directions were on my phone I think the steps should have come first because I reAd the paragraphs first and screwed up the oil situation a little but it was luckily before I added cream and mozzarella that I picked up on it. Will follow up with how it tasted! Looks great !

Made this tonight… Absolutely delicious!

I don’t know what I did wrong but this had no flavor at all! I kept adding salt and spices but just didn’t get better

I used sun dried tomatoes with Italian basil flavor so not sure if that was it :-/ so bummed!!

If you cook the tomatoes and garlic on high heat the garlic burns. Had to adjust that. Also the sauce did come out as advertised. But we all loved it.

Hi Julia – I made this tonight and rave reviews all around! Hubby said it looked like a restaurant meal (which is a compliment). We all loved it. Your beautiful pictures and easy instructions made me want to make this dish. Glad I did. Sorry you are getting some negative reviews here, because we found it to be nicely flavored and very creamy.

Your recipie was great. As always, I use any recipie as a starting point. I didn’t deviate much from yours. Of course, I browned everything in bacon grease, it is after all the candy of meats. I added mushrooms and used fresh basil from my garden. I had table cream so I used that instead of half and half. I found a new seasoning this morning (slap ya momma) and used that instead of the red pepper flakes. I can’t stop eating it! Looking forward to more of your creations!

I made this tonight it was amazing! We made some changes though I didn’t add the cream sauce to make it a little lower in fat. It was amazing though just in the oil from the tomatoes! We will definitely be making this again!

Masha’Allah , I made this for lunch today and it came out delicious! I love Italian food and this was a hit for me. I’ll make this one again. Thanks for sharing!

I just wanted to add to the hundreds of comments about how delicious this dish is! My family enjoyed it and Hubby gave it a perfect 10!

followed your “recipe” to the letter. what a complete waste of time and energy not to mention food. this was so bland and far from creamy. I should have known better when pasta water is used in the sauce. I will be sure to not to use any of your “recipes” ever again!!!!

hey Julia,

I made this tonight and I’m not sure what happened… It was tasty but the sauce was… Broken? Maybe too much grease? It wasn’t creamy but more (having a hard time describing) beaded? I am unsure, any thoughts? Any assistance you could offer would be much appreciated, I really want to make this again, and successfully.

The picture with the chicken and the tomatoes doesn’t make sense because following the recipe that never occurs, right? (I haven’t ruled out that I’m an idiot here, but I think I’m right…)

But the recipe is dynamite… Incredibly delicious.. I diced up chicken after cooking so it’s easier to eat and added mushrooms to initial steps because… Creamy sauce and mushrooms, right?

But this is in our permanent recipe file and I can’t thank you enough. Crazy yummy and super easy.

I just made this last night and it was great! I forgot to add the red pepper flakes and basil. My sauce was pretty dry, even after adding pasta water but I think it’s because I kept it cooking on the stove for too long. Will definitely make this again soon!

Has anyone come up with a suitable substitute for all that cream? Seems far too rich and far too heavy, especially if you’re trying to cook healthy food for your family. Open to suggestions!

It needs white wine and goat cheese.

Perfect!! Added fresh mushrooms and extra half and half and cheese. I allowed liquid to boil and added cheese. Removed from heat and stirred constantly. Added green onion for garnish. So good.

Thank you for this recipe! I am not much of a cook. My family is tired of the same old things, but when I do try to make something, they never like it, but they loved this. I made a couple mistakes and should have read the comments first, but next time I will use more salt and boil the half & half first before I add the cheese. Thank you for this recipe. Next I’m going to look for another recipe to try on your site.

I made this tonight, with a few changes. I used heavy cream, and added parmesan, bacon and broccoli. So so good! Definitely a keeper in my book!

Love your recipes but was wondering about how well they freeze. if you could include that info would be great. I fix things for my daughter in college that can be frozen and reheated. tks

So i used a bunch of different kinds of cheeeses. Mozza, tex mex, goat cheese and some others. Used 1.5 cups of half and half and about 3 cups of cheese. Didnt use the pasta water. I made it really thick like a paste. I had leftover fried chicken that i had made from the night before and i used that as the chicken. The coating made it really flavorful and added a great flavor. Used about a tablespoon of red pepper flakes. Also i used 5 garlic cloves. Anyways i made this before but with the exact recipe following it. But this time it was sooo much better. Use different cheeses is all i can say. Its very delicious. I wish i had more basil to add but i ran out when i was almost at a tablespoon. Anyways the mixture of the extra red pepper flakes and the tex mex made it a little spicy.

I’m not sure about cooking the garlic on high heat with the tomatoes. Burnt garlic is nasty, so I think I would wait until tomatoes are nearly charred, then turn down the heat and add the garlic.

i know i’m pretty late to the party to be commenting on this recipe but i’ve made it a few times and it’s amazing! everyone who i’ve served it to loves it, even my kids who have a love-hate relationship with sundried tomatoes, which in fair are quite piquant and maybe taste a little weird to them while they’re still little. i’m not trying to be a snob here but honestly…i think maybe a lot of the people who are saying it’s bland are maybe not used to ‘grown up food’ with more complex flavors. i wouldn’t say everything in this dish was super subtle or a very acquired taste but it’s true, it doesn’t smack you in the face the way a tinned-soup-and-three-types-of-cheese chicken casserole might. as an adult you shouldn’t have to be adding tons of extra salty meat and cheeses to this pasta to enjoy it. artichokes and white wine are great suggestions, though!

Made this tonight and it was very good! I added a little extra garlic and made a bit more cream sauce. Personal preference. Next time I will try with lemon chicken (my daughters suggestion) and fresh basil. Think it will add a little extra something. My only complaint was the ease of reading it. Maybe I’m overly exhausted today, but the directions didn’t flow well to me. Definitely not a deterrent to try this meal! My daughter and I both enjoyed it. Thank you for a wonderful, easy weeknight dinner!

The chicken mozzarella pasta was delicious, but it was very difficult to get through the recipe because your page kept making me close my browser, because it’s too full of ads.

Gravitated to your recipe using the sun dried tomatoes, which I love in oil or not. Flavorful punch. Wanted to share something I learned many many years ago from my Cecilian Mother in Law about “cooking pasta”. It has worked very well for me and maybe you’d appreciate. Also, as a “Chopped” fan, am often reminded by one of the judges the “correct” method, according to him, of cooking pasta. First, the pasta should be cooked in the pot of boiling water just short of it’s finished cooking time and allow the pasta to finish cooking in the sauce. And never rinse the pasta. The pasta will absorb the sauce better. So here’s the trick: one minute before the cooking time is over pour one or two table spoons (or per your recipe) of cooking water from the pot in the pan where you are heating the sauce, then strain the pasta out of the water and pour it directly in the pan, mixing it with the sauce and ending the cooking time in there. Let it heat for a minute to a minute and a half, then take the pan from heat and serve your pasta. Does that make sense? Mangia Mangia.

This is a great base to play off any other flavors you wish to impart. Instead of chicken breasts I used thighs, and velveted them for better texture…thanks Julia for a great recipe!

Omg….this was So Good! I’m so making this again! I think it would be really good with shrimp also. I will cut the sundried tomatoes smaller next time but that was my fault. Quick, easy, and delicious! And leftovers reheat awesomely. Love love love

I have made this a few times. Each time, the cheese clumps together. It tastes fine, but it’s frustrating!

I like this recipe.. I didn’t use the crushed red pepper because my hubby doesn’t like spicy. What I didn’t enjoy about it was that the chicken wasn’t cooked enough and there wasn’t much sauce. Tasted more like a alla vodka than anything.. I’ll make again, just no chicken.

I have made this twice (tonight is my 2nd time) and it so yummy! I have one small addition though – instead of using regular paprika I used smoked paprika and a little more than just a pinch – gave the dish a nice smoky flavor! Thank you for posting!

Just made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious. Very flavorful and, frankly, to me it rivaled anything that I usually get at Maggiano’s. The only thing I did differently was to use chicken thigh meat and to cook it a bit longer in the initial stage to get a nice brown crust on it (yum, yum). This one is going into the rotation. Thank you!

Love love love this dish! It’s a family favorite; I’ve made it several times.

The last two times I’ve attempted to make it, the pasta sauce hasn’t turned out right.

Rather than being a creamy white with a touch of red (paprika), it comes out to be an ugly tan color, not appetizing at all. Also, the Mozzarella just can’t seem to melt completely, it clumps up.

PLEASE let me know any tips or suggestions as to why this is happening.

I need this dish back in my life!

Love love love this dish! I’ve made it several times in the past few years; it is a family favorite.

The last two times I have attempted to make this dish, it has not turned out as before.

The pasta sauce is somewhat of a tan color, unlike the normal white(ish) cream with a hint of red(from the paprika), and I just can’t seem to get the mozzarella to fully melt, it forms into little clumps.

PLEASE help with any tips and/or recommendations you may have as to what i’m doing wrong.

I NEED this pasta dish back into my life !!

Thank you !

This is just gross…I am Italian and this is not Italian food and Italians would never eat this mix and match…call it American spaghettos but please do not pretend you know how to cook Italian food…

This is SOOOO good. Thanks for sharing such a tasty recipe.

Very tasty. I used Alessi brand sun-dried tomatoes and they were absolutely delicious. The sauce and spices were a bit heavy, but overall I enjoyed this recipe. Thank you for sharing it!

I had all the ingredients for this and almost didn’t make it based on the couple of “bland” reviews! Boy am i glad I made it! I ended up having it for lunch instead of dinner! The only difference I did was use 5 cloves, 1 1/2 tablespoons of the oil, a little extra red pepper flakes and definitely salt to taste – I didn’t need to use much with my sea salt. I can’t wait for my hubby to get home and have some! This will definitely be added to our weekly menu. Yum Yum!

I made the chicken mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes and it was bland so I added bouillon cubes and if I decide to make it again I’ll use half as much basil because it was way too much.

I’ve pinned this recipe about 4 different times and finally tried it tonight. Now I’m deleting it. The dish barely had any taste. Using chicken tenders was a mistake….they broke down in the thickening of the sauce. The cheese made the dish unmanageable….very gooey and too hard to serve (and yes I added pasta water and extra half and half to try to thin it). Skip this one.

Love the collection of pasta recipes. Very inspirational and gave me lots of ideas!

Just a few tips.

1) do not cook any of this on high. Garlic cooks fast and burns fast. You cook garlic on high, you’ll have burnt garlic before you even really start. Cook on medium.

2) Cooking chicken tenders on high for one minute each side will give you burnt chicken with a raw center. Cook it on medium until they are cooked through.

3) If your sauce is too thick, just add more half-n-half. Much creamier this way.

4) precut your sun-dried tomatoes. Lava hot tomatoes are a challenge to cut.

5) if you skip removing the chicken, and begin the next step before the chicken is just done, you cook in those cheesy flavors. Removing the chicken is unnecessary.

The first time I cooked this, I followed the directions to the letter, and burned everything. This time I tweaked it and got a perfect dish.

I love this recipe! I have made it for my family, my extended family, and for friends and everytime it’s a hit! Thanks for sharing this, I am not creative in the kitchen and am always pleased when I come across a recipe that is a hit with everyone

I think this recipe is good! I adjusted it a little for my own preference. I added sautéed onions, fresh spinach, mushrooms, prosciutto and ended up using 2 full cups of the half and half. I added the cheese and left over water but I added so much extra I needed the extra half and half. I also cut up the sun dried tomatoes and all other additions and sautéed together. I cut up raw chicken thighs into chicken strips and cooked separately. I added the paprika, red pepper and basil, then some black pepper and Italian seasoning and garlic powder. I like taking recipes and making it a little of my own. We all have our own tastes.

I am in desperate need of you help. I made the mozzarella chicken with Sundried tomatoes and every time my sauce turns into a stringy clumpy mess. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much

This is one of my husbands FAVORITE meals. Reading through some of the comments regarding cost makes me sad. My 25 year old daughter complains about this too. So she ends up not cooking meals for her family. My advise is ask for starter spices for gifts. Once you build your spice rack these recipes are not that expensive to make. Take away the spices this recipe would roughly cost $15 to make to feed 4 people. We are military so we understand a tight budget with 2 smalls.

Julia I am now following you everywhere lol and getting friends on the band wagon. Love your food.

Made this last night and it was great! The only comment I have is that the recipe calls out penne, but the picture looks like rigatoni… I think next time I’ll try rigatoni, not that it makes a huge difference obviously, but just an observation. Still was delicious!

Hi, is there a way to print your recipe without the ad? I printed out the Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-dried Tomatoes. I don’t want to waste the paper and the ink. Thanks.

me being miss pick…..I loved this…this is one of my FAVORITES

I just made this tonight for dinner. It was delicious! I followed the instructions for draining the tomatoes and only using 2 TBS of the oil to cook with. It was not oily by any means. I never would have thought to cook with the oil from the tomatoes, kudos for that idea! I used what I had on hand; heavy cream instead of half and half, smoked paprika and I used some pasta water but also wanted to add more cream. I didn’t have anymore so I actually added about 1/4 cup of buttermilk and oh my goodness this was awesome. I seasoned with salt to taste and this was not bland at all. I think using good quality ingredients makes all the difference! We will definitely make this again and I will be checking out your other recipes too. Thanks!

Chicken breast tenderloins sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes and penne pasta in a creamy mozzarella cheese sauce. If you love pasta, if you love Italian food – you’ll LOVE this recipe!

First, you sautee garlic and sun-dried tomatoes in the olive oil that comes from the jar with sun-dried tomatoes – you do it on high heat so that tomatoes get nicely charred. Then, you remove the tomatoes, and sautee chicken (salted and lightly covered in paprika, for color) on high heat. What you get are nicely charred sun-dried tomatoes and stove-top roasted chicken:

To that, you add half and half and mozzarella cheese, bring the mixture to boil, then simmer and stir to melt the cheese and form a creamy sauce. Make sure to reserve some pasta water as you will DEFINITELY need it to add to the sauce to make it less thick and more creamy:

Final step is to add spices just enough for your taste: basil, crushed red pepper flakes, salt. The final dish is nothing short of AMAZING:



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5. Parmesan Zucchini and Garlic Pasta

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Original article and pictures take http://juliasalbum.com/2014/10/chicken-mozzarella-pasta-with-sun-dried-tomatoes site

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