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How to Stop the Noise and Live a Joy Filled Life

How to Stop the Noise and Live a Joy Filled Life

How to Stop the Noise and Live a Joy Filled Life

Loved this! So true. I love your list of the ways the enemy strikes out against us.

Such a very thoughtful and beautiful post. <3

Chantelle, thank you so much. That list is a life changer for the strategies the enemy has placed upon us. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Hope to see you around

Love this– quieting out the noise and all those voices that aren’t from Him is something I really need to do better. Thank you for this word today!

Thank you Ally. It is hard for many of us to remember to quiet out the noise. So glad you felt you needed this today. Praying for blessings upon you today. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it.

AMEN! I loved this. Super encouraging. I have thought ALLLLLL those thoughts and I think I needed to hear this today! XO Thanks or sharing!

Leah, I love when that happens. In this blogging world it is so awesome how we end up reading the posts God wanted us to for the day. Glad you felt encouragement and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it.

Tasia, what you are writing is so spot on for all your readers, myself included. God is speaking to us; we need to slow down and walk away from the noise to hear His Words. Too often we are tempted to listen to the destructive words from the enemy instead of what God is saying to us; to bless us and direct our steps.

It is. I think we over complicate things many times when really it’s just the enemy filling our minds and using everything around us to cause us to forget what is the most important thing. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I truly appreciate it.

I can so relate to the noises. Sometimes I will literally cover my ears as a physical act of defiance against the enemy like “No! You are not welcome here!” That is where the word of God is so, so important. The more we allow the noise of that enter our ears, minds, hearts; the less opportunity & space for other noises to get through.

I love that. Actually putting your hands over your ears. It is really important to remember to hear God and not the enemy. So glad you stopped by Ayla!

Love this post. So good. Well done.

Thank you Allie.

wow best post I’ve read in a while and I read a ton of blogs! About 15 a day.

Like you said its all noise people get sucked up in society and forget how important family and your personal priorities are that they say stupid things or what you called it “noise.”

Noise. We hear so much of it on a daily basis we don’t hear it. Every day that goes by, year that passes the noise drowns us. You suffer from a loss of hearing. Where has our joy-filled life gone?

Does it really have to be like this? Do we really have to conform to letting all that noise fill us up until we are deaf?

We don’t.

Let’s reverse it. Let’s become deaf to the noise that kills our soul. That sucks away the part of who we are. The desire our God gave us. Are you ready to stop the noise and live a joy filled life?

My Noise

Maybe your noise is similar to the noise I have been hearing in my life.

I have a Freezer Meal Plan that is about to be launched on MyBJsWholesale. Learning how to create printables and take pictures. Learning everything all over. It’s my first time. We all know how first times go. I start to hear the noise.

“Why are you doing this alone?”

“Too bad you don’t have any help”

“Who is going to like this anyways?”

“Why do you bother?”

“You won’t make money”

It continues.

I have this blog that is here to uplift, encourage, and inspire. I can feel the Lord and my desire to write to you burning through my fingertips. I start to hear the noise.

“It won’t be a business”

“You won’t make money”

“You won’t help people”

“You think you know about farming”

“Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning?”

“You don’t know what you are doing”

It continues.

I have a three year old that just wants to be with her momma because she’s three and her big sister for the first time is gone 7 hours a day. I start to hear the noise.

“You don’t have time for her.”

“She’s slowing you down.”

“You will never get those blogs going”

“Why did you have kids?”

“See you can’t handle all this, why are you a Mother?”

The Strategic Attacks Thrown Against You

We need to continue to be plugged into the truth. The bible has exactly what we need to take away all the noise we hear day in and day out. The enemy has one purpose in life and it’s to destroy yours. The good news is- The battle is already won. Jesus won the battle for us.

Yet the enemy knows we forget and uses fear against us. He has strategies friends. Here are some of the common ones as listed in Priscilla Shirer‘s Bible Study

He strikes against your passion. Eph. 6:10-20

He strikes against your Focus 2 Cor. 11:14

He strikes against your Identity Eph. 1:17-19

He strikes agains your Family Genesis 3:1-7

He strikes against your Confidence Revelation 12:10

He strikes against your Calling Josh. 14:8

He strikes against your Purity Isa.59:1-2

He strikes against your Rest and Contentment Deut. 5:15

He strikes against your Heart Heb. 12:15

He strikes against your Relationships 1 Tim. 2:8

Fight Back Against the Noise

Do you see that? We were made to enjoy our life. To live simply and beautifully.

Fight back against those strategies. Stop the noise and live a joy filled life when you can recognize those strategies are lies. Lies being thrown to you like a fiery arrow.

Take some time this week to recognize the noise that will kill your soul. Recognize the enemy at work and pray out loud reminding yourself the truth. The battle belongs to the Lord. He is faithful. You my friend have already won.

As a little girl I always found my peace and contentment out at the farm. Friends were staying after school to make out behind the building and I was begging to go to the farm every day after school. It has always been my place of comfort. Nature has a way of doing that to you- finding your soul and filling you up. Restoring you for the battle that lies ahead.

Today take some time to just walk outside. Whether you are in a city or rural area. Walk outside with nothing but you. Leave your phone. Walk and look up to the trees, to the sky. And let your mind be still.

Be Still, and Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

You got this girlfriend. Cut out the noise today.

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